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SPAN (Sustainable Peace Analysis Network) was founded in 2020 in Kazan, Russia as an international discussion project to reflect upon the urging matters of today, highlight the classical herritage in respect to its connectedness with the modern society, culture, and politics. SPAN is inspired by good faith in flow of debate and expression of opinions that help understand the postmodern reality.

SPAN authors cover an undefined range of topics and approach the quest for actualised public discussion adhering to the freedom of inquiry as the priority value to oppose dogmatisation of study. SPAN community prefers universality of science to absolutism. SPAN contributors seek to unite critical opinions without stylistic oppression. SPAN founders believe to create a truly postmodern discussion space to deliver answers on the most pressing issues of today that concern the people both locally and globally.

If you will to submit a written piece into the SPAN discussion thread, you may contact the SPAN editor via info@spanwork.org and include your piece and an illustration that you would like to feature along your publication with photo credits attached. Please mark the subject of the e-mail as "Last_name_SPAN discussion thread". The SPAN editor will contact you within 3 working days to discuss the details of your submission. Your submission may be on any topic, in any style, in any language, in any form.If you wish to see the existing articles, you may visit the Publications page.